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About Weese Photography

Our Approach:
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. Memories of this day will fade and quality wedding photographs will provide a lasting record of this happy event.

Our Mission:
We strive to exceed expectations in all respects: service, quality and product.

Our hours are by appointment only so we are able to meet you at your schedule, not ours. In addition, the latest digital technology allows us to produce your previews in days, not weeks or months. Our studio is large and comfortable, allowing for a relaxed photo session.

The quality of our work is open to your scrutiny. We can show you photographs from many weddings or many photographs from a single wedding.

We have a wide range of products to offer: We can provide black and white, sepia, or custom colour work up to 16x20 size; thank you cards, framing and matting. Ask about our Specialty Black & White Tints.

How We Work

Styles of Wedding Photographs:
After studying wedding photography for many years, we believe that there are three styles of wedding photographs: Formal, Casual and Candid. A particular wedding probably will have some of each type. It is a challenge to the wedding photographer to determine the balance of these desired by the couple. This means that there needs to be adequate time taken to discuss the wedding and the types of photographs that will be taken.

Formals: These are the "smile and say cheese" types of photos. Although many may say they do not want this type of photo, we believe that they are a necessary part of the photo schedule. Years from now, they will provide a record of the people who are important to you, then and now.

: These photos say "we're having fun". Our relaxed poses mirror the fun of the day. Although the photographs appear to be unposed, the photographer plays the role of "Director" in these shots.

: They are photographs of an event and are entirely unposed. This "photojournalistic" approach is becoming popular and we believe that it should complement casuals and formals.

It is important to sit down and discuss your wedding plans with potential photographers. You need to know what types of images can be made and whether or not this suits your plans.


The price you pay for wedding photography must be based on : the quality of the work, the service you enjoy and the products you receive. We believe that our prices reflect these three values. Please contact us to obtain pricing information or to request a quotation for specific services.

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